In your scene, you could use many different plugins like V-Ray, Multiscatter and ColorCorrect. If software version you used is different from ours, then render results maybe are not what you expected. For example, if you render light maps locally and use it render final images through Renderfarmhelp. But if your V-Ray version is different from ours, render results can be wrong. 
To avoid such mistakes: 
1. 【Applied to All】If you use special plugins which are rare used by other people, you should contact our customer service to verify whether we has those plugins installed. You would better use the same version as Renderfarmhelp. Here is the list that farm used:

Software V-Ray ColorCorrect MultiScatter ForestPack
Software Version Version Version Version Version
3dsMax 2009 2.1sp1 v3.4.91.11 1.1.08bWS 4.0.2
3dsMax 2010 2.1sp1 v3.4.105.12 1.1.08bWS 4.0.2
3dsMax 2011 2.1sp1 v3.4.105.13 1.1.08bWS 4.0.2
3dsMax 2012 2.1sp1 v3.4.105.14 1.1.08bWS 4.0.2
3dsMax 2013 2.3 v3.4.125.15 1.1.09dWS 4.0.2
3dsMax 2014 2.4 v3.4.125.16 4.1.4
3dsMax 2015 3.01 v3.4.125.16 4.1.4
Maya 2009 1.5sp1      
Maya 2010 1.5sp1      
Maya 2011 2.3      
Maya 2012 2.3      
Maya 2013 2.3