1. One click submission. ShineCloud is integrated into 3dsMax and Maya seamlessly. You could submit rendering jobs with 3dsMax and Maya. The typical usage case is just click "submit" button. All other things are done automatically. 

2. No assumption about your project organization rules. We do not have any assumption about your project files. They cloud be distributed in different directories event disks as long as those files can be accessed. ShineCloud will automatically package them to make sure the scene can be rendered correctly in the cloud. 

3. Mainstream software support. We support 3dsMax from 2009 to 2014 and Maya from 2009 to 2014. We also support almost all kinds of 3dsMax, V-Ray for 3dsmax and Maya features. For example, we support gamma correction of 3dsmax and V-Ray for 3dsmax. We support raw buffer and split buffer channels output of V-Ray for 3dsmax. 

4. Visible rendering window. For 3dsmax, you could see rendered frame window through screenshot functionality within ShineCloud client. Also you could monitor all jobs you submitted and see what their statuses are. 

5. Fastest uploading. ShineCloud has done a lot of optimizations on project uploading. We only upload difference which reduces file size a lot. The most amazing part is that if you want to modify scene and render again, upload can be finished in seconds at the best. 

6. Durative downloading. The job you submitted is split into small tasks. When each task rendering is finished, the task will be charged and ShineCloud will download the task's results immediately. So basically downloading is in sync with rendering. You can get results as soon as possible. 

7. Transparent billing. We use a fairer pricing model. Also bills are real-time, when each task is finished, it will be charged immediately and you could see the bill record immediately at our website. 

8. Pay what you need. We only charge on successful rendering tasks based on rendering time and server performance. You do not have to pay for failed tasks caused by platform reasons like software and hardware crashes. Of course you do not have to pay for idle time of our hardware resources during rendering. We charge you base on render results what finally you gains from us. 

9. 7x24 services. Our platform is always usable except during maintenance. 

10. Enough resources. We have enough resources to satisfy large projects. If you need more resources, please let us know and we will arrange dedicated resources for you.